Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's all a Matter of Perspective

Happy New Year! Well I learned a great lesson tonight. I made plans to go to a friend's house for New Year's Eve tonight. I was looking forward to grown up company, games, playmates for the boys, and ringing in the New Year with people! But when I got there, my friend's daughter wasn't feeling well, and wasn't looking so good. My friend was so busy getting ready for company she didn't really stop to check it all our until I insisted. When she did, she realized that something was really wrong--it turns out the little girl was having a serious alergic reaction to cashews.

So they took off for the ER, the other family decided to stay home, and once again it was just the boys and I. We stayed at my friend's house so we could watch the ball drop, then went home. I felt pretty sorry for myself. It was nice to watch tne televised New Year's stuff, but we didn't get to do the hot chocolate, the games, the fireworks, all the fun we normally do. And we didn't get to have New Year's with other people either.

My friend just called me a few minutes ago. She told me that once again God used me to save her daugher's life. (I was there when the little girl had her first asthma attack and recognized that it needed emergency care.) She said that if I hadn't insisted that she check her out, her daughter would have curled up in the chair and looked like she was asleep. She told me that when they got to the hospital, her daughter's tongue was swelling, and she was red from head to toe. The kicker? I had originally planned to do something else, but my plans changed early this afternoon. I was right where God wanted me for a purpose.

Suddenly there was a new twist on this New Year's Eve. I'm thinking it's going to be an amazing year!

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Erin said...

Praise the Lord! At least you stayed up to watch the ball drop. Josh and I were in bed at 9:30. Yikes.