Thursday, March 23, 2006

Celebration Day at Our House

Today was my youngest son's birthday. It was so much fun, yet so simple. I didn't spend a fortune on him, just made it special. He felt like a prince, and that is what I'm after on their birthdays. The older boys had a survival training class this morning, so we weren't able to do our usual breakfast in bed (I'm making up for it tomorrow morning--and don't think I'll be able to get out of it!). I did get honey buns for them, which they love. I let AJ open a couple presents, among them a new Batman shirt and cap, and his own CD player with some CD's. After the class, we headed to the outlet mall to check out tents for the new Boy Scout. We wandered around the mall and got ice cream cones--a real treat for us!

AJ was eager to get home to the rest of his presents, which he opened soon after arriving home. This evening we watched Chicken Little (it's hilarious!) and had pizza, cake and ice cream. It was a relaxed day and full of fun and being together. Not that we don't always get to be together, but it was just special today. I wish we had more birthdays to celebrate. Brothers are so nice to each other when there are birthdays involved . . . and presents . . . and pizza . . . and cake . . . .

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A New Birth Announcement from Our Home

We are pleased to announce the spiritual birth

of Andrew

who surrendered his life to Jesus

on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 14, 2006

on the couch of his own home

nine days before he turned six-years-old.

Attending the birth was his mother;

immediate visitors included his brothers Josh and Stephen.

The family is rejoicing over this much anticipated event

along with all the angels in heaven.

Please join with us in celebrating this joyous event.



For more comments on what Andrew did, check out my post on Homeschool Blogger.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ahh! To Stop This River!

Tonight I had a vision of a small trickle of water down the side of a hill. The trickle fed into a stream, moving fast. I threw a rock in front of it, hoping to slow it down, but it playfully reached around the rock, continuing it's journey. It continued to flow into a small river. At the sight of the river, I grew nervous. Where was the trickle that was so much fun to watch, or the stream in which I laughed and played? The river moved so fast, I couldn't control it much. So I threw a few large stones in, hoping to slow it down some. The stones had little effect, and as I walked down the river, it grew wider, faster, but I became used to the sweet melody of the flowing water, and it comforted me.

It was still shallow enough to enjoy. I could see the bottom enough to wade in it and delight in the refreshment it gave. But then, without warning, I discovered some rapids . . . not many, but enough to scare me and upset the peaceful play which I had known. The river became rougher, at times almost angry, then without warning settling down again into the flow of water that was familiar, only to begin again to churn and push ahead.

I looked for something to slow this raging current, but saw nothing but some boulders, and I knew I could not move them. Quickly I got out of the flow, worried that I might be swept away into unfamiliar waters. It wasn't long before I realized that this river would only become stronger, fiercer, and would flow into an endless ocean, completely out of my control. The familiar stream, of which I had known every detail was now so much less familiar, so full of surprises. The ocean I would end up gazing upon would be totally unknown, except from the very small place from where I watched it. No matter how many places my feet would step, I would never know that ocean fully.

This weekend my son is going to his first Boy Scout camp out. Not Cub Scout family camping, mind you. This is the big league--the Boy Scouts of America. He is going without me. He has camped without me before, but this time, I do not even have the option of going, and he will be gone all weekend. In no time, he will be camping for a week, and then longer, until one day I wake up and he no longer lives in my home.

My son is the river in my vision. He is moving away from me, and it scares me. I know I will always enjoy parts of his life, but I like the way it is now--enjoying so much of him. But I see him becoming unpredictable, wanting to push away, and I miss him already. I cannot stop it. I know this is the way God has always meant it to be. But I ache for the trickle of fun that he was just a few short years ago and for the playful pace at which we lived life. Then again, as I stop to consider what lies ahead, I am excited to see the vastness of the ocean he will become!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Encore! Encore!

Tonight all three boys performed in a missions musical at church. "Come Into the Workshop" featured the Middle School Drama team which Josh was a part of, and was accompanied by the Sonshine Choir which Stephen sang in and the Sparkles Choir with which Andrew sang.

Both of the older boys had solos, and Josh was a part of the drama also.

Stephen did a bit of clowning around, but this was during the rehearsal before the performance, not during it!

My heart's prayer is that the seeds of ministry would be planted in the boys through these activities. It was neat to see them exposed to music and drama ministry and missions at the same time. Please pray for us as we take this performance "on the road" in two weeks. We're travelling to Deland for a performance at a church down there.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Some of you may have been wondering why I haven't been posting much here on my blog. There are actually two reasons. One is that with so much to do to keep up with school and the boys' activities, the boys haven't had much time to do typical boy stuff. Not that it isn't always an adventure around my house, but you'd get as tired of hearing the arguments and fights that go on as I get of hearing them. Also most of what I do have to write about is happening with school, so I'm posting more on my homeschool blog. But don't worry, I'm sure AJ will be up to his usual mischief. Also the boys are in a Missions play at church tomorrow, so I will try to post some pictures of that this weekend. Meanwhile, check out my homeschool blog. God is giving me a lot to say there!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Exactly Where Have You Been?

During church today they showed several minutes of video footage of people from our church giving testimonies of how they came to know the Lord. One of the people was our music minister. This is the guy who leads music up in front of the church every Sunday. He is the one who leads the children's choir that all three of my boys are in. He has boys the same ages as my two oldest sons, so we pass at lots of different activities.

My youngest son leaned over to me as his testimony played and said:
"Mom, I think I know him from somewhere!"