Thursday, March 23, 2006

Celebration Day at Our House

Today was my youngest son's birthday. It was so much fun, yet so simple. I didn't spend a fortune on him, just made it special. He felt like a prince, and that is what I'm after on their birthdays. The older boys had a survival training class this morning, so we weren't able to do our usual breakfast in bed (I'm making up for it tomorrow morning--and don't think I'll be able to get out of it!). I did get honey buns for them, which they love. I let AJ open a couple presents, among them a new Batman shirt and cap, and his own CD player with some CD's. After the class, we headed to the outlet mall to check out tents for the new Boy Scout. We wandered around the mall and got ice cream cones--a real treat for us!

AJ was eager to get home to the rest of his presents, which he opened soon after arriving home. This evening we watched Chicken Little (it's hilarious!) and had pizza, cake and ice cream. It was a relaxed day and full of fun and being together. Not that we don't always get to be together, but it was just special today. I wish we had more birthdays to celebrate. Brothers are so nice to each other when there are birthdays involved . . . and presents . . . and pizza . . . and cake . . . .

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