Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another First Week of School

Well, we made it through another first week. This year is rather complicated. We homeschool. I am a very relaxed homeschool mom . . . well, I don't mean that we do nothing until somebody says, "Gee, I'd like to do school today!" Ha! Like that would EVER happen! But I tend to be of the spontaneous, easy-going sort, so if I see an opportunity better than the one I planned, we go for it. But this year my situation is very different. To earn extra income, I keep several extra children after school, so we now HAVE to be done by three o'clock. I have to keep us on schedule so we can get all our educational activities done. This is not an easy thing for a free spirit who hates schedules. But this week, I filled a bin with candy and little toys, and gave out play money like crazy. I was so surprised at how easy my boys could be bought for a couple of trading cards and a Nerd rope. They LOVED the bucket! And as a side benefit, we got school done. And we got to read several different books toghether. And we finished a Redwall book! And I even think . . . we might have learned a little something. I love homeschooling!

    The boys thoughts on school:
  1. Josh (grade 5): "It was almost not bad."
  2. Stephen (grade 3): "I love reading about those figher guys!"
  3. AJ (grade Kindergarten): "I hate school!" (OK, he's been listening to his brothers too much!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Party Update

The party went great! The food got rave reviews (from my son, the only one who really counted!), everything went off without a hitch, and Josh felt very loved and appreciated. I was very proud of him. He was very helpful before the event, and very gracious to his guests. The only thing I wish I could have changed was me. I hadn't slept for two nights before the gathering, and by Sunday morning I was quite weepy. I cried all morning--over silly stuff, and worried that I would spoil his day. Fortunately by the time the guests arrived, I had kind of gotten it together and was able to let him enjoy himself.

Among the funny memories of this birthday is that Josh has known for weeks now all the gifts he is getting from me. He offered his eight-year-old brother a bribe, but then his conscience got the better of him after Stephen agreed to accept it. Josh decided to give Stephen the payoff even without the information. But Stephen, being the one with the sensitive conscience, couldn't accept the bribe for nothing, so he told him everything . . . and I mean EVERYTHING! Even the surprise gift that Josh didn't even know they made! I was mad at both of them, but forgave them pretty quick. Josh was pushing it a bit when he asked me Friday before his lunch if he could request certain ones of his presents.

For me, I discovered an opportunity to show him the meaning of grace and gave him the presents he most desired . . . even though I could have used them to make him miserable!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Getting Ready for a Party!

It seems that we are always celebrating. Today we worked frantically to get ready for a party tomorrow. Josh is having a birthday next week, and we are having two of his friends and their families over tomorrow for lunch. He is very excited. I was so proud of everyone today. They all worked very hard. Even little AJ worked, although it seemed everyone kept on him as he tended to wander away, or play. This will probably be our last party for a while. We start school here at home on Monday. No one is really looking forward to that!