Friday, July 25, 2008

Andrew's Vacation

Andrew loved everything about our vacation. He was so much fun to watch! I think the thing he most enjoyed was having a constant playmate--his cousin Lilly, who is so much like him. Lilly is six months younger than AJ. They enjoyed doing many of the same things. The days we were at Nana and Papa's, Lilly and AJ played with stuffed animals and Littlest Pet Shop bobble heads. They colored and watched Pink Panther together. They played outside in the wading pool and on the trampoline together.

While we were in the mountains, they were thick as thieves! Every morning they headed outside first thing, and spent most of their spare time there playing on the hiking path right behind our cabin. It was so humorous to watch them go from new playmates who loved doing everything together, to almost-siblings who argued constantly. The great thing for AJ was that Lilly was much more similar to him, so arguments were more equally win-able. Sometimes I forget how great a difference there is between Josh and AJ, and how hard that is for him, so it was great for him to be with someone his own age.

As far as the "fun stuff," I'm not sure I could even pick a "favorite" for AJ. He LOVED the outdoors stuff--Rock climbing and riding go-carts with Papa and lots of hikes in the campground. He loved the Aquarium, especially at the end of our second afternoon their when Mom let him get all wet in the outdoor water playground (even without a swimsuit . . . and in jeans!). He really wanted to go swimming, which oddly was never available to us, but I think he kept busy enough to not think about it too much. He was really looking forward to playing Risk with Papa, and after relinquishing the game (much harder than he thought), he'd had his fill. He collected sticks and rocks aplenty, and came home with a huge "walking stick" that he found, another that Papa bought him, and a pair of stuffed penguins, among other treasures!

Mom loved it that she didn't have to constantly wonder what AJ was up to--she had Lilly to keep her apprised and two other adults to help keep an eye on him. I think AJ's ready to take another vacation soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


The boys and I have spent the last week in the N.Ga. mountains with Nana and Grandpa. We stayed in a cabin in Cloudland Canyon State Park, and we had such a great time. We did some of the touristy things-visited Rock City and Ruby Falls, went to the Chattanooga Aquarium and the Zoo. But mostly we just rested and played together. We played games. Mom and I planned school for next year. It was just plain fun. All three of the boys raved about it, so I'm raving too. As with all vacations, the only problem with it was that it was too short!

More details later.

Stephen on a climbing wall at the TOP of Lookout Mountain.

A teenager daydreaming as he watches the fish.

AJ and Lilly found a snail and watched it crawl along for the longest time.

Kings (and queen) of the mountain!

Grandpa Andy (Papa) and the kids petting fish at the aquarium.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer (Not So) Fun

OK. So here's what our summer has entailed so far:

To start off June we had a week off, then Andrew went back and forth to Cub Scout Day camp while the boys and I bounced between loafing and working around the house (although you can hardly tell now!). Then we had a wild and crazy week of Vacation Bible School, followed by a partial week of recovery (read: sleeping late and laying around). Then Andrew was off to visit with his Mimi and Pawpaw in St. Augustine, and the older boys headed off to Jr. High camp. Now we're recovering again, and next week will head off on vacation with the grandparents in metro-Atlanta. Then it's home for about two weeks before we start school again.

What is the purpose of summer again?

Technology Makes My Head Hurt

OK, yes. Sometimes I find technology very exciting--like when I get a brand new computer (hasn't happened too many times), and I get to dive into all the things it can do. Or when my camera can capture color, black and white, or any other color photos, and I can see them, and I can zoom into any area immediately. That's just too cool. But most of the time, technology is like the cute little fuzzy Gremlins in the movie that came out when I was a kid. Add just the right thing and it turns mean and consumes your time, energy, emotions, and often money!

I'm not even trying to do something hard right now--just faxing on my handy little print/fax/copy machine. I've never faxed anything before. I keep getting error messages . . . and right now it keeps telling me the line is busy. Did I put the number in wrong? Is is hooked up wrong? Am I supposed to add a "1" before dialing the number? I just don't know.

Invariably this always happens to me, some Snafu that makes that thing the technology was SUPPOSED to save me time doing take about 100 times longer to do!!!

I'd throw the printer/faz/copy machine, except I've finally figured out how to print and copy with it.

Ah. Guess what? You have to add a "1" before you dial in the number. Couldn't someone have told me that? Ughh.