Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Dog's Defense

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It's hard to be a watch dog when you have so many other responsibilities. All the work we're expected to do? Leaves a body doggone tired!

Who needs those ole' dogs?

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We dare you to try to help yourself to a bottle of water at our house!!!


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Yes, Gracie, there is a reason we keep doing all this crazy stuff to you. We are hoping to see you featured on the website Why? Because we think you are as funny as any ot those other cats! So get used to have weird things done to you . . . . 'cause we're looking for fame, baby!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Reformation Day!

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Celebrating the day that Luther propelled into motion needed reforms of the church. It is worthy that we reclaim for Christ what the enemy intends as a celebration of evil! Every day should be God's day!!! Celebrate what He is doing, in spite of us!

You can tell a lot about a guy . . .

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One of the things I started doing a few years ago was only allowing the boys to hoard a limited amount of candy that they bring home. It prevents problems with one bringing home ten pounds (like AJ did tonight), and one only bringing home one pound. I let them pick out their favorites, then the rest goes into a community jar or pile. Once they finish their own stash, they can eat from the community stores. (Now I know what you're thinking. NO, it is NOT a way for me to get at some of their candy. Just works out kind of conveniently that way.)

Stephen sorts his candy into lots of little piles (still not exactly sure how they were organized!). Then he chooses which piles to keep. Weird, I know.

. . . by the way he sorts his candy!

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AJ chose candy that was fruity or chewy. He loved gum and Twizzlers. I thought it was almost criminal that he left the chocolate . . . until I realized that meant more for me!!! Good job AJ!

Josh on the other hand, chose all the chocolate he could pack away. Betcha can't guess who he gets the chocolate gene from!

More Pumpkins

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Isn't he cute! Some days I love having a teenager. Other days, it's just plain scary.

And the winner is . . .

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this one! AJ chose this one. This is his first year to carve his OWN pumpkin. (Before, he's always gotten a little one to draw on with Sharpie markers.) Yeah, that's right, look out. AJ's on the loose with a knife.

The Pumpkin Patch

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We promised to take Jennifer, the little girl we keep to the pumpkin patch one day. I was finally able to do it last Friday. She loved it, and the boys loved it too. They clowned and ran, as you can see here.