Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God Covers All My Ducks

I've known for a while that all my ducks weren't in a row. Financially, I'm a goofball. No, really, I am. One of the things I've known for a while that I should do is make a list of everything in my wallet . . . you know, just in case it went missing. Didn't do it, but I should have.

Today the two younger boys and I went to the library in Gainesville. We do this monthly, so it's not an unusual thing. Before we left, we stopped at Sonic for a quick bite to eat (I do love that place!), so of course I had to use the . . . ehh hem . . . ladies room while we were there. I went back to the business of roaming around one of my favorite places in the world, picking out more books than we will ever read (but gosh! I could roll in them and be happy!). Unexpectedly, I was called to the circulation desk. I wondered what it was about--had they discovered fifteen books I forgot to bring back? Quick, where are the kids? So I went to grab my purse . . . only to find . . . no purse.

And yes, that was it. When I got to the desk, someone had turned in my purse, which I had left sitting on the shelf behind me in the restroom stall. Quickly I unzipped it to find that my wallet and a small change purse had been stolen. So the boys and I sat around the library for a couple hours waiting for a police officer so I could report my wallet missing. Meanwhile, my overactive brain was trying to recall what billions of cards I was carrying in those two wallets.

Now, for how God covered my ducks, even though I had not:

  • I only carry one credit card and one debit card. They are on the same account, so I had them cancelled in about ten minutes.
  • My bank was able to quickly lock my account with a password.
  • Most of my money had been left in my car, so they only got about ten bucks.
  • My car was running literally on fumes, but because I had left my money in the car, I had money to get gas.
  • Whoever stole my wallet left behind my checkbook and car keys.
  • My kids were safe.
  • No weapons were involved.
  • Everyone from the people at the circulation desk to the policeman that responded was very nice.
  • I never broke down in tears.
  • I only really have to replace my driver's license and wallet. The other cards will be easy to replace . . . if I remember all of them.
  • I didn't lose either of my library cards . . . well, I did lose my Clay County one, but I never use it anyway! My Jax and Alachau ones are safe and sound, and we were still able to check out all our books today!

As my best friend Eva told me, I had my cell phone, keys and library cards! How bad could it be?

Monday, August 06, 2007

A Kitty Tail . . . Er . . . Tale

Last week as we were leaving church the boys kept saying, "Mom, Mom! There's a cat back there [behind a shed] about the size of the guinea pig!"

Finally I checked it out. It was NOT a cat. It was a teeny new kitten. His eyes were still closed, and he was lying in the mud screeching! So I picked him up! I took him into the kitchen and got a towel to wrap him in, then took him home.

Once home, I gave him a little milk and started to warm him up. I got on the Internet, to see what to do for him, only to read "Do not give cow's milk!"


I put him in a bin with a heating pad, and run to the pet store to get kitten formula. Now I'm committed. Come home, feed him. For about two days, I worried that he wasn't eating enough, worried that he would dehydrate from diareaha . . . . worried about this teeny, helpless little thing.

But he's a scrappy little fighter. Over the week he has gained two ounces or more, and is SO CUTE! The boys and I are in love. We named him Chewbacca--Chewie for short. Yeah, I know. It's all over when you name them.

We are not keeping him. Yeah. Right.

All in a Week

So much has happened in the last week that I hardly know where to start. So here's the gist:

  • Sunday: found kitten less than a week old, older boys left for a week for camp, AJ went with his dad for the day, I start around the clock rotations to feed the kitten
  • Monday: watched kids for the day, kept feeding kitten, took AJ to see Transformers
  • Tuesday: more kids, still feeding kitten every four to five hours, AJ has friend over for the day, then goes to friend's house to spend the night, I have dinner with a friend
  • Wednesday: I have lunch with a friend, AJ at his friend's until after lunch, I take AJ and his friend to Chuck E. Cheese, AJ supposed to spend the night with his Pawpaw, but it was delayed
  • Thursday: AJ leaves to spend a couple of days with Pawpaw, I run errands, afternoon brings a call from a weepy AJ who misses me, spend evening with my dearest friend and her kids
  • Friday: AJ decides to come home early, I RUSH to get SOMETHING done before he does, boys come home from camp late that evening . . . . and yes, I am STILL feeding the kitten every four to six hours. I'm tired.
  • Saturday: boys and mom sleep in, get a few things done in the afternoon, talk about boys' week, run out to get groceries

There you have it. Our week in a nutshell . . . or maybe that's our week in a nut house.