Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yet Another Difference . . .

. . . between boys and girls! Last night I ended up sitting through King Kong, so tonight I needed my chick-flick fix. I decided a little late this evening to watch You've Got Mail, but I was tired, so we moved upstairs to watch it on my computer. Of course, being TV junkies, the boys didn't particularly care that it was a chick-flick, so they piled in the bed with me to watch it. Wouldn't you know it! By half-hour into the movie, I was dozing off. Of course, the younger ones crashed too, but 'ol reliable Josh was awake right until the end! I woke up to him leaving the room--just before the part where Kathleen discovers that it is really Joe whom she has fallen in love with over the Internet! Can you believe it? HE LEFT AT THE GOOD PART! I, of course, woke up enough to watch that part. Last time I watched the movie I rewound it about six times so I could watch it again and again. But my son had no desire to see the end! Go figure!

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