Sunday, April 09, 2006

Again I Ask . . .

. . . what IS this fascination with water that my youngest son has? Last month he left the hose dripping. I think it was days before I found it! (Fortuately my water only went up a little bit) He overflowed the sink for no apparent reason. I think he has started stuffing the whole role of TP down the toilet! What do I do?!?!

Today it goes something like this:

"Mom! You HAVE to come see what is on the floor in the bathroom upstairs! It's brownish and SO GROSS! I think Princess did it!"

I move toward the stairs, picturing a pile in my head. I'm curious.

"AJ, what is it?"
"I don't know. But it's DISGUSTING!"

I move a little faster. I'm worried!

Guess what I found! A toilet overflowed . . . hours before (probably before we left for church) . . . and it had . . . poop! . . . which was all over my bathroom floor . . . and soaked into the towels and clothes left laying on the floor . . . and smelled awful! Gross!

And I ask this only out of fairness to my son: When did the DOG learn to use the toilet?

One thing I hate about being a single mom: I always have to do the gross jobs! But this time, I DID make AJ help me. He's been complaining about still smelling it all evening! I hope it's a while before I see an overflowed toilet again!

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Anonymous said...

Um-m-m-m-m, it could be worse! I was going to insert an example here but I really can't think of anything worse:) Just hang on to the thought you can tell his children this story!
Eva B