Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another Camping Success

Well, the weekend camping was a success. The oldest, now in real Boy Scouts, went on a camping and canoeing trip to the Okefenokee Swamp. The night before he bacame very sullen, complaining that he should have never signed up for it! He trudged off still a little mad that I wouldn't let him out of the committment of going on Friday. I wondered a little this weekend how he would feel when he came home--it rained quite a bit! But today, he came home all bubbly and chatty (NOT a boy thing!), and couldn't tell me enough about what they did, what they ate, the gators they saw, etc. It was great. I asked him if he planned on the next camping trip, and got,"Yeah. I think so." He's still not interested in going to Scout summer camp. Good thing since the sign-up date has passed!

The other two were delighted to spend the weekend camping in our air conditioned, electronically equipped living room with a bathroom nearby. Stephen, the eight-year-old, would really have prefered to be canoeing with his brother, but was glad to at least spend the weekend in a tent. I even let them leave the tent up last night. Gave me one more night alone in my bed!

My goal for the day yesterday was to sort through piles of stuff as I moved one boy into his own room. I actually planned to get two rooms in order, and while I still have several bins of assorted stuff to sift through and a couple of pieces of furniture to move to yet unknown locations, I am pleased to say that I accomplished my main objective. Good thing too, since I found out today that the bunk beds we loaned out have to go back in one of those rooms this week! Today I got the downstairs back in order and rested--a much needed rest! And I'm going to bed early tonight so I can recover from my busy weekend!

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