Sunday, April 02, 2006

Can We Take Another Spring Break?

Our house is in mourning because Spring Break is gone. I am totally frustrated because all the relaxing things I was going to do somehow didn't get done, and all the little projects I was going to get done still loom over me! So I'm left wondering what we did do! I do remember at the beginning of the week going out of town for a Choir Trip. The kids performed twice, slept in the homes of members of the church where we performed, and spent an afternoon at Blue Spring State Park, all exciting but exhausting fun.

After arriving home on Monday, I needed Tuesday to rest and recover, so the boys and I and a friend who spent the night slept late, watched TV, and played on the computer (me!).

On Wednesday we had a birthday party for AJ at a friend's house. He had a wonderful time, and all the kids swam and played for most of the day. Thursday I started getting worried that we weren't going to get anything done, so we did a little housework, but I mostly played on the computer with my new photo and movie editing software. Friday was about the same, and today I worked like mad trying to get assignments graded and lessons planned and getting the house ready for my small group meeting tomorrow.

OK, looking back, it has been a pretty busy week. No wonder I feel tired! I think Spring Break is just a teaser to make you want summer more. And it worked!

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