Friday, January 20, 2006

A Boys' Sleepover

This week I claim temporaray insanity. Off the cuff (the way I do nearly everything!) I invited three twelve-year-old boys to spend the night tonight. It has been interesting. A couple of them came home with us after chess club. We weren't in the car five minutes before they were having arm and leg farting competitions (sorry if this sounds crude-once your boys hit a certain age, you learn to be discerning in your battles for manners!). They have been inside, outside, played Playstation, and are now watching a movie--all this and we're only in hour three of the event! The big mistake I made was to underestimate how much food I needed to prepare for this gang of hungry stomachs! Uuuugggghhhh! The taco fixings went way too fast, and now I'm scrambling to compensate without decimating my grocery budget for the month. But . . . I am learning that hospitality isn't just for ladies' Bible studies. I am trying to make these great boys feel welcomed in my home. Now . . . what else do I have to eat?

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Erin said...

Hope the sleepover went well! And you're not too exhausted and eaten out of house and home! :)