Friday, January 27, 2006

Can Anyone Explain to Me . . .

. . . where the silverware goes? When I moved into this house, I had a full set. MORE than a full set. Then about a year ago, we noticed we were running low on forks. So my dad bought TWO sets of cheapo Walmart silverware. I also bought the boys the disposable kind, so they could "accidently" throw it away all they wanted. But now, I have no spoons! Where do they go?

I'm thinking of buying myself my OWN set of silverware. I would put it on a very high shelf in one of the upper cabinets. I would wash each piece after I use it and put it away. And the boys . . . they could eat with their fingers!

Meanwhile, I sit here wondering where my spoons have gone. Hmmmmm . . . maybe they ran away to find the forks!

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liz said...

If your boys are like mine were they have discovered that spoons make very good shovels...they are sturdy and accessible! If they are not in the back yard perhaps your "helpers" have been throwing more that the scraps into the trash! Keep the blogs coming I can totally relate