Monday, January 09, 2006

What I Learned Today About Legos

  • The number on the front of the box is not really an age recommendation. It is the frustration level of the set you are putting together.

  • The real value of Legos is in their interchangeable parts. When you lose a piece . . . or two . . . or fifteen . . . you can go to the stash of parts from other sets to replace them!

  • The sets that have 985 pieces are really for grown-ups who never grew up.

  • They work better with a bottle of Super-Glue.

  • When you start feeling like making the Mellinium Falcon fly for real . . . it's time to put it away.

  • The $100 sets are not really better than the $15 sets. They will just take longer to build, result in more missing pieces, and create greater frustration.

  • They reproduce in all parts of the house.

  • They are more entertaining without directions.

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