Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sleepover Success

Well, I survived the boys' sleepover! I realized last night about 11:30 pm that I had planned on having a garage sale this morning, but at about the same time needed to be fixing breakfast for six hungry boys. Hmmmm . . . what to do. I didn't want to abandon the garage sale idea since I can't find the floor in my garage, and had two heighbors doing it with me. So I just started a little late. And we did fine. The boys all seemed to have a great time. And none of them greeted their parents with a "hey, when do we eat?" (that I know of). Oddly, they were already up when I got up very early this morning. I asked how long they slept, but didn't really get a time. They did tell me they watched two more movies after I went to bed (at 1:00 am), sooooo . . . I would think the answer is not very much. Everybody is in bed now, and I'm heading there myself. Can't wait to feel the sheets! So goodnight!

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