Friday, December 30, 2005

More of Me? Haven't You Had Enough?

Ok, this whole blog thing is becoming an obsession for me, and true to form, I am branching out so fast it won't be long before I cannot possibly manage it all. But since I love to stress myself out . . . I now have TWO new blogs. Homeschooling with Grace is where I will write about all things relating to our homeschool journey. I've already met some incredible homeschooling moms there and love the whole blog site. That is where you can keep up with the boys educational adventures. The new one I signed up for today is Love Letters 4 Jesus. I have really felt a desire to share my own personal insights from scripture and the poems the Lord gives me to write, so here is where I will do it, as soon as the blog is approved and I find out how to copyright protect my work. Keep checking it for a new entry if you just love reading my ramblings (or if you're just plain bored!) This blog (Living Amidst Boys!) will still be devoted to the adventure of raising boys, so these will probably be the funniest, goofiest, and most entertaining of my entries. Not that there will be much to tell the next couple of days. The boys are away with their daddy, and it is very quiet here!

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