Friday, December 23, 2005

Am I Just Getting Old?

OK, I'm beginning to think there is really something to all of this "over-the-hill" stuff. I'm nearing forty, and I am noticing definite changes in my body. Tonight for example, we decided to sleep downstairs with all the pretty Christmas lights on in the family room. I blew up our camping air mattresses. I took the couch. But did I sleep? NO! First it was just plain hard to fall asleep. Then I started aching because I couldn't roll over. When Josh woke up about 2:30am, I asked if he would change places with me so I could sleep on the air mattress. Fine, now I should sleep, right? No. AJ woke up frustrated because Stephen was lying on him, then later because he was falling out of his sleeping bag, and one time I woke up because I could hear the dog snoring! So now it is nearly 5:00am and I'm giving up. I'm upstairs in my room, ready to climb in my own bed, hoping that no one wakes me up early, or sets the alarm off in the morning. And I'm wondering why I'm aching all over. I think I understand now why we (should) have children when we are young.

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kelsci said...

The first realities of getting old can really suprise you. You get to adapt to this. Then it gets hard to remember how you felt before "you got old".