Sunday, December 11, 2005

Covenant Family Blessings

Andrew was real sick yesterday, so I missed church again today. We missed last week because Josh was sick. I decided that there was no need for the two older boys to stay home, so I arranged a ride for them, then got them up and ready this morning. I'm not sure why, but their ride didn't show up. AJ was feeling much better this morning (as evidenced by the way he bounced around the rooms and chattered constantly) so as I sat looking at my two big boys, ready to go and waiting, I finally decided to drive them myself. Yes, it took some courage to enter the church parking lot still in my PJ's and without any make-up on my face. At least I combed my hair and pulled it back!

I dropped the boys with specific instructions--go inside, leave the Angel Tree present where it belongs, then find a family to sit with! I also added to Josh that he was to find one of my dear friends and ask if she could bring them home, then come out and let me know so I would know whether or not to pick them up. I sat. I waited. I waited some more. No Josh. What was I to do? Go into the church in my red striped pajama pants and scary bare face? No way! So I sat. Finally I saw a friend coming out and I asked if she could find Josh and send him out to me. A few minutes later, Josh remembered I was waiting (uuuggghhh! I see signs of him becoming a man all the time!) and he came out to let me know it was all arranged. Stephen was sitting with his best friend's family, and Josh with a friend of his.

In truth, I was never really worried. I know they are safe at church, and that someone would spot them and check into anything that is going on. It is a comfort and a blessing to have covenant family!

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