Sunday, December 25, 2005

Snow in Florida and the Biggest Kid!

Yep! It snowed in Florida! Sadly, snow in Florida looks a lot like rain. It feels like rain too. And sounds like rain. Well, OK, it is rain. Only once in about every fifty years does snow actually look and feel like snow. But not today. We did have the characteristic overcast skies associated with snow. But we woke up to rain. I say we, but I really mean me. Yes sir, once again, I got up before the boys. I thought for a minute there Josh was going to wake up before me when he got up briefly at 5:30am to use the bathroom, but he climbed back in bed and dozed off again. So there I was just waiting for somebody to wake up. I gave up at 6:00am, after I got up, turned on lights downstairs and put on a little make-up. Then I woke everybody up. It was easier than it is on any other day. And within one hour, all the work, all the details, all the surprises lay on the floor in a mess. But it was SOOO worth it! Later today I'll post pictures. We have to get ready for church now.

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