Friday, December 23, 2005

Drive and Spy

We finally made it out to look at lights tonight. I picked up McDonald's for us, then we hit the neighborhoods. Unfortunately, I decided to take the boys to a really nice, newer neighborhood. It is laid out with all these winding, curvy streets. They had some really pretty houses, but I didn't think about what all the twisting and turning was doing to my little passengers. First of all, AJ has not been getting his afternoon nap, so by about 8:00 he's done for the day. If he is in a car, belted to a seat, his exhaustion hits earlier, so he passed out right after eating. And poor Stephen in the back seat suddenly informed me he didn't feel so well. I realized that all the curves were giving him a touch of motion sickness. We considered trying to make it to the one really big place we had looked forward to going to see, but finally just decided to get home. He was fine once he rested a while. Josh told me on the way home that he had been a little queasy too. So there you have it. We looked at lights until we were sick of them. Maybe we'll do this in smaller quantities next year-or maybe go to a different neighborhood!

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