Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Do Boys DO That?

We had a Cub Scout Pack Meeting tonight. At church. With lots of other people around. We were almost done, when my youngest, Andrew had to go potty. (I'll know they're almost grown up when nobody in my house calls it potty anymore!) I never send my boys to the bathroom alone-especially Andrew-so I sent him with his eight-year-old brother Stephen. When they came back, AJ's oversized shirt was a little wet. I, of course asked him how it got wet (hoping for an answer like, "Water overflowed from the sink.") Instead, the answer was, "Stephen picked me up while I was peeing." OK? Does anybody else think this is just too weird? Nobody could tell me why in the world you would pick someone up while they were peeing. Chalk it up to male brain function!

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