Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Perfect End-of-Summer Holiday!

Today we went to a friends for the afternoon to play. Since it was Columbus Day, and the private school where we attend church was off, we took today off too! After lunch, two of my three boys and five of my friend's children (she has six!) played outside. It was classic--they found a dirt mound and build castles with moats! They had places to park the Match Box cars, places to park the airplanes, army men defending the walls. It was an amazing kid-style work of art. After a while they came up with a new idea--they filled the moats with water. Before long, the moats were washing away the walls and it didn't take much before it was a huge mud puddle. By the time we left my two youngest boys were wet, muddy, and thoroughly delighted with the way they spent the afternoon.

But the fun didn't end there! After that we went to another friend's house to swim and watch a movie. I had a good time touring this friend's new home and getting some adult conversation time. Josh was thrilled to spend a little of the afternoon with his best friend Jordan. On the way home we stopped and got pizza and then watched a movie. I think we stayed up too late. Hope we can get up for school tomorrow! Hmmm . . . can't we just take another day off?


Anonymous said...

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Erin said...

You can stop anonymous commenters by going to your settings and finding that option. You can also stop comment-spam by choosing that option too. It makes people wanting to comment type in a random string of letters. It keeps spammers out because an actual person has to type it in. I have it on my blog for comments. But that's only if you want.
Anyway, sounds like you guys had a wonderful day Monday! :)