Sunday, October 16, 2005

God Made Andrew Sleep!

I have come to the conviction that children past nursery age are best taught to worship God with their parents. OK, let me change that a bit. I am under the conviction that I am to train my children to worship by setting the example for them and by teaching them in a real live worship service how to worship. My two older boys do really well in worship service on Sunday; they typically participate, don't fight, aren't very distracting to others, and can even uaually tell you what the sermon was about. My youngest, Andrew, he's quite a different . . . experience in church. He did very well initially, but the last four weeks or so has been a little rebellious about being in there with me. Last week I think I had to take him out twice. Well today we were leaving before the service even began. I dealt with the discipline issues and then we prayed, asking God to help Andrew to have and obedient heart, to be able to obey and listen like Mommy said, and so on. He was doing very well. He stood and sat for hymns. He was quiet during the opening prayer. He was turning the pages in his picture Bible very quietly. OK, one more prayer. I put my hand on his Bible and whispered instructions to him so he would sit quietly while the pastor prayed. It was kind of a long prayer. Then as we finished, I realized . . . Andrew was asleep. I guess God got tired of trying to make Andrew be good, so He made Andrew sleep!

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