Monday, October 17, 2005

Bugs B Gone!

One of the things I absolutely hate about living in Florida is the critters. Now, I'm not the squeamish type-roaches don't frighten me, and I'm brave enough to step on about anything. But let's face it, bugs can be downright annoying. So far in the last few months we have had roaches (but only a few, thank the Lord! They seem so hard to get rid of!), ticks (which I think we've got on the run), chiggars (only one of my kids got them-he must be the sweet one, since he is also the one I found the ticks on!), and now the boys are showing up with the occasional spider bite. Uuuuggghhh! I'm tired of all the medical panic-does this carry lyme disease? Will we have an alergic reaction? What do I do for this? But most of all, I'm tired of all the sympathy itching that I have! Why doesn't the insect killer I put on my dog work on the kids? Why isn't there one thing I can use in my house, on my dog, and on my kids? Why?

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