Monday, July 24, 2006

Sweet Andrew

Andrew is like lightning. He is full of energy--energy that can be destructive or beautiful, depending on where he hits. The boys came home from their dad's today. They were full of stories of adventure from the week. I listened to every one, and never got tired of the chatter or the constant teasing and quarreling. Guess I missed it, even though I enjoyed the quiet. We went to some friends' home for lunch, and when I came home I was a little tired and decided to rest for a bit. I was watching a movie, and Andrew came in to lay down beside me. Before I knew it, he crashed, and slept from about 7pm, until a half hour ago. (It's now 1:30am!) Just like lightning, he quickly burned himself out!

He's having a small snack and then we're going to bed. We have to be up early to start school tomorrow. (I'm such a mean mom!) While he was snacking, I took some pics of him with my snazzy new digital camera. I'll tell more about that later.

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