Monday, July 10, 2006

The Eyes Have It . . . er . . . Thankfully, They Don't!

Last night was a test. I don't think I did too well, but I survived it. I started fighting an eye infection of some sort last week. It started in one eye, then the next night was in the other. Since I want my new camera much more than I want good health, I decided to not spend a hundred dollars or more on a doctor's visit and Rx, and went online to look for some cheaper home remedies. Passing up the bats wings soaked in pig pee, I decided to use chamomile tea compresses, and watered down honey. It seemed to work . . . until last night!

Yesterday, I could feel it starting again--just some itching, and the sensation that a stick was in my eye. By last night, it was really bothering me, and the other eye was beginning to feel itchy too. In fact, it bothered me all night, so much so that I didn't sleep well. When I did sleep, I had a very weird dream (something about being attacked by pirates and having only a broomstick and some baseball bats--I really need to be with girls!), and woke up suddenly with my heart racing (we weren't dong too well against the pirates!). Between dozing a little and waking with my eye aching or oozing, I laid in bed and worried--about the constant drain on my finances, about what I would do to earn income if I lost my sight, about how mad a friend might be if I called and woke them up in the middle of the night with crazy worries . . . . You know, it really doesn't make sense now, but it seemed to then.

I also worried about the two other appointments that I had scheduled today and how I would get to the doctor on top of it. See, this is where I am comforted by believing in a sovereign God. In the midst of my crying, I did a lot of praying. It was mostly just, "I'm tired and I don't know how, but HELP!" but it worked. Deciding that my sleep is definitely worth the doctor's fees, I called to make an appointment this morning. They needed to fit me in--only an hour after Andrew's appointment to get his cast removed, and half way across town! But I trusted that although it didn't make sense to me, God would somehow work it out. And He did!

Today I got rid of half my garage mess (I had a pick-up scheduled), especially the BIG stuff. Andrew got his cast off, had new X-rays taken, was examined by the doctor and had a new splint-like brace made, all in under 45 minutes. And I arrived at my eye appointment ten minutes early! What was wrong? NOTHING! My eyes are perfectly healthy and he couldn't see any sign of infection.

So I'm thinking there are only a few explanations. I had a bug in my eye. (yes, there are reasons to suspect that, but I won't go into them!) All my tears washed away the infection. Or maybe miracles do still happen. And me? I'm kind of partial to the latter explanation.

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