Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hello! I'm Still Breathing!

This week my boys are staying with their dad. I have enjoyed the break and have played with friends almost every day. Last night I was out late (No, I did NOT have a date!), and I collected mail when I got home. In the mail was a letter for each of the boys . . . from our credit union.

Dear ****,
Please accept our condolences on your recent loss. We would like to assist you with the closure of hte account titled in the name of the late Lisa ***** . . . .

I thought,"What? I'm dead? And nobody told me?"

Funny, I don't feel dead (not that I'd really know what that feels like). And I somehow managed to get out of bed this morning and get ready for the day. Of course, if I'm dead . . . do I have to pay my bills?

Note: What actually happened, is that my account was flagged. Banks and credit unions watch death notices and flad accounts where names are mentioned. Somebody just forgot to take the flag off my account. I'm quite releived that I'm still alive.

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