Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"That Little Fiend!" . . .

. . . is something I am starting to say regularly. Along with "What a rascal!" and "Quit biting me; I'm NOT a chew toy!" The puppy has settled in, and is beginning to believe it's for good. I can tell because his personality is starting to ooze out all over us. We love him to death, but he is a booger.

  • He plays really rough. He has been socialized by dogs, with all the biting and chasing that goes along with it, so he has been slow in learning that he can't attack us with his little teeth!
  • He has the German Shepherd terrified! She can be doing NOTHING and he suddenly goes off on her. I think he is part Dr. Jekyl, part Mr. Hyde.
  • I want to name him Stitch, because living with him is just like living with Lilo's Stitch.
  • The third day we had him, he discovered his voice. The dog that I never heard bark at the shelter, and who said nothing when we got him home, now barks at EVERYTHING. Think I should explain to him that I don't really need another barker?
  • He has also discovered he loves our stuff . . . and he chews on anything he can find, as of today. I think he knows he's home now.
  • I forsee a problem with the trash can. Only now I have so much stuff in the closet (where I kept it when Princess was a puppy) that I don't know how to secure our discards.
  • I'm seeing (again) my weakness: I am a push-over for a cute face. I told him no upstairs . . . yet I found him upstairs with us this afternoon. I told him to stay off my bed . . . yet he somehow ended up snuggling with me. I still haven't given in on letting him sit on the furniture though!

I must admit though, I am really enjoying him. And he has the sweetest face!!! (What a marketing spin!) I'm so glad I got him for AJ!


EvaB and VickiMac said...

Oh,my! He has really settled in,hasn't it?!?!? Now you just need to add a rat to this zoo . .

Lisa said...

No thank you. With all the construction in our area, our neighborhood is already experiencing an overflow of rats. I think I will continue to let them live outside . . . and away from my house!