Thursday, April 12, 2007

How boys are like dogs.

  • When they're playing, it looks like they're fighting.
  • They'll eat almost anything, without questioning where it came from.
  • They need lots of space to run.
  • They tuck their tails when you fuss at them.
  • Every one of them has to be king of the hill.
  • They have to be taught that it's not funny to hurt when you're playing.
  • They love to lay on the couch.
  • They need frequent baths or they smell bad.
  • All it takes is one cute female . . . .
  • They love to chase a ball.
  • Their bark really is usually worse than their bite.
  • Even though they don't always mean to, they sometimes still bite.
  • They CAN be trained.
  • They make life more exciting.
  • They make life more fun.
  • They require a lot of work, but it's worth it.
  • They really can be your best friend.

Please don't be offended. I am the boy's number ONE fan!!! (I have three, and love 'em dearly!)