Monday, April 02, 2007

Evidence of God's Hand (and Sense of Humor)

* My car repair was only $100. No damage from the fire.
* Most of our school work done, in spite of a crazy week!
* The second car, the one I borrowed, also broke down, but it was at the church where the couple who loaned it to me both work, and Mr. B. was able to confirm that day that it didn't break because of anything I did!
* My car was ready by the time the second one broke down, and God even provided someone to get me to the shop to pick it up!
* No major problems in getting the puppy settled in here.
* My Sunday School lesson managed to get done (by 3:00am Sunday morning)
* I stayed awake in church today.
* My house was actually clean by the time my small group met here tonight.

So often we look for God in big things, and miss Him in the little things. I'm glad I had a week when I could see Him so many different ways.

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EvaB and VickiMac said...

I am just thankful I did not let you borrow the "girl mobile"!