Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Honeymoon Is SO Over!

The cute, sweet little puppy is now a demon! Well, not really. But he bites!!! He's only playing, but he bites hard . . . and it really hurts. And ankle biter? Well, that's really him! He chases me biting at my ankles!

And he barks at EVERYTHING now! His bark is kind of funny and usually makes me smile. He has the howly kind of bark, kind of like a wolf. Of course I laugh just before I tell him to hush.

Princess is finally getting used to him. They are actually playing together outside now, and kind of rough too. She play-growls at him the whole time, which is hilarious. Inside, she's OK most of the time, but he still gives her the evil-eye now and then, followed by growling and chasing her away. And she LETS HIM!!!

But the thing that's really driving me crazy is that he has laid claim to my bathroom. WHY??? He has pee'd in the hall to my bathroom twice!!! And I just found a towel on the floor in my bath that he marked too. So he's really not allowed upstairs now . . . and if the kids forget to close the gate . . . whoa be it! They're going to be cleaning up dog pee. 'Cause I'm sorry, he's cute and everything, but I'm just not doing it.

I know. Yeah right.

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