Sunday, September 03, 2006

No, I Haven't Fallen Off . . .

. . . the face of the earth! I'm sick. I've been sick for weeks. Ok,not really, just for days--FOUR days, to be exact(but it feels like weeks!). And are there any signs of it going away? Nope. I'm tired of being sick. Know what I've learned from being sick?

  • You can spend too much time in bed (or on the couch--it's all the same thing!). My neck and shoulders hurt from laying down too much.

  • Even though you're only supposed to take Ibuprofen every eight hours, it only works for six.

  • Kids really stink at givng neck rubs. (They're cute trying, but when your sick, you're not looking for cute!)

  • They can't go grocery shopping, and somehow you always get sick when the groceries are low.

  • You can get stinky doing nothing.

  • If you sleep all day, it's hard to sleep at night--even when you're sick.

  • When you need help, people really can't read your mind. (Figured if I was married, I'd be blaming my husband for that; instead I was blaming the rest of the world!)

  • While I work hard to get my kids well when they're sick, I think they are deliberately trying to keep me down. After all, it's like a holiday. Hmmmm. . . maybe I need to make them work really hard tomorrow!

  • My family targets holidays and holiday weekends for crises!

  • Chicken soup, applesauce, and toast are comforting even when you don't have a stomach bug. (Mine is just fever, aches, congestion, and sore throat . . . and I'm thankin' the Lord for that!)

  • God's plan is VERY different than mine!

Ok, I'm whining. I'm going back to bed. (Ouch!)

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