Monday, September 18, 2006

A Loss Caused by Ignorance

I had it all planned out. We have been on vacation to Atlanta the last nine or so days. I was taking pictured like crazy . . . planning, of course, to post them on my blog so I could prove we had taken a vacation. And then, one afternoon, as I showed all these gorgeous photos to my sister-in-law . . . I got stupid. I decided to delete one very bad photo of the ground. Without really paying attention to what the super-smart camera was asking me . . . I DELETED THEM ALL!!! Yes all my wonderful pictures of the water playground and of cousin Lilly and her boys at the park and who-know-what-else are gone . . . forever. Guess I'm kind of wishing I had read that camera manual instead of jumping in and playing with the camera. Alas, I did not.

Fortunately for me, the blog police took my boys to play on Saturday while I was at the convention, and she took tons of pictures. So you will have the proof eventually. Right blog police?

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