Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Fly on the Wall in My House

"That's it! You're fired!" I heard Stephen announce this to AJ for some reason (it had to do with a new double-barrelled sticky-dart shotgun Stephen just got).

"No, I'm not." AJ answered calmly.

OK. I waited.

"You are too!" Stephen said firmly.

"No, I'm not. You can't fire me," AJ said as clamly as before.

So I sat thinking: if a boss came in to fire an employee, and the employee didn't get mad or upset, but just said, "No," what would the employer do? Hmmmm . . . . Of course, AJ isn't making much money at this, so he's not going to miss the paycheck.

And if you're worried about AJ being unemployed, his brother rehired him a few minutes later.

"Andrew, you're hired again. I need you to be my target!"

Not much room for advancement, but it might be a fun job . . . if you're fast . . . and camouflaged well!

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