Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Trip Highlights

This is kinda how our vacation went:

Saturday 9/9 finally left the house at around 10am. Squeezed a 6.5 hour trip into 9 hours (too many pit stops). Arrived at Nana and Grandpa's house at about 7pm. Had dinner, watched a little TV and went to bed.

Sunday 9/10 got up and went to church with Nana and Grandpa. Spent the afternoon resting and watching TV. Went to see a movie with Grandpa that evening instead of going back to church. (Shame on us!)

Monday 9/11 everybody was at work, so the boys and I slept late, laid around watching TV, had a late lunch out, then went to the Mall of Georgia after we picked Lilly up from school. That evening we had dinner at the house and watched MORE TV.

Tuesday 9/12 we got up a little earlier and did some schoolwork, then ran some errands. After we picked up Lilly, we went to an indoor swimming park, but thunder closed it down after a half hour, so we got a pass to go back. We spent the evening . . . guess what! Watching TV and playing PlayStation. (Hey! We were on vacation, right?)

Wednesday 9/13 we did a little more schoolwork, then went back to the mall. After we picked up Lilly we went swimming again, but got home in time for Nana, Lilly, and Josh to go to church. The other boys played PS2, while Mom worked on laundry and packing herself for a conference.

Thursday 9/14 we did some schoolwork, and Mom worked on picking up our stuff and finishing laundry. After we picked up laundry we ran to Walmart for a few things, then to the playground to take pictures of Lilly and her boys (which I, of course, later DELETED!!!). Then we returned to Nana's house where the boys would stay while Mom went to a Presbyterian Women's Conference. I left about 6pm, but got lost in downtown Atlanta, finally arriving at my hotel at about 9pm. After a quick bite to eat and a little TV, I went to bed. The boys mostly played PS2 and watched TV. (Are you noticing a theme yet?)

Friday 9/15 Mom attended the pre-conference sessions, enjoyed her hotel room overlooking Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, and then went to the opening session. The boys spent the day with Grandpa. I'm not really sure what they did. About all I've gotten out of them is something about PS2 and that they went to the mall and bought stuff.

Saturday 9/16 Mom continued with her conference. The boys were with Grandpa in the morning, then went with Aunt Donna to a nearby park-festival kind of thing (You just don't get many details with boys!), where they drank at least two cokes each and got wet (I got at least THAT out of them!) They spent the evening with Nana. Betcha can't guess what they did.

Sunday 9/17 Mom attended worship service at the conference while the boys went with Nana and Grandpa. After the conference, Mom headed back to the house where she began packing stuff up and loading the car. We left Atlanta around 8pm, and settled into a motel room in Macon around 11pm.

Monday 9/18 Got up and had breakfast at the hotel. The boys swam while Mom had quiet time. Then we loaded up the car and hit the road around 11:30. We got home about 5:30pm after picking up the dog at the kennel where she was boarded.

We didn't do anything too exciting, but we got a lot of rest, spent a lot of money, and even got a little school done. It was a great trip!

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