Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Note to Michael W. Smith

Dear Mr. Smith,

Are you aware that the Veggie Tales are trying to assume your noteable position as the fine singer of "You Are Holy?" Personally, I don't think they do it so well, but I just thought I'd warn you that your song is being warped by things that should be in my refrigerator crisper. I'd be concerned buddy. If word of this gets out, there will be no Worship Again, Again CD for you! We'll refuse to buy it for fear the Veggie Tales might get hold of it! So if you own the rights to this song . . . or any others, you'd better think twice before signing on that dotted line again!

Very sincerely,

P.S. By the way, thanks for giving them "Friends" too. I'm ever in your debt. Want to spend a couple weeks with a 6-year-old Veggie Tales song nut? Maybe it'd make you think twice about selling those produce-aisle-crooners rights to any other songs!!!

Where ARE my earplugs?

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