Sunday, December 31, 2006

For Christmas I Got:

  • to have my kids with me again Christmas Eve and Christmas Day--without even asking for it!
  • four days of uninterrupted quiet before Christmas
  • two special nights with my bestest friend (we talked until 2am one night! No kids to interrupt!)
  • time for lunch with more friends
  • lots of rest
  • time to scrapbook with another best friend
  • the opportunity to take other kids shopping for their parents! (What fun!)
  • a very enjoyable visit with my dad's family (aunts, uncles, cousins, oh my!)
  • answers to a couple specific prayers
  • lots of conversations with my sister
  • a clean house (OK, it only lasted until Christmas Day, but it was fun for a week)
  • not many pictures, but LOTS of memories
  • a visit from my other sister and two days and nights with my niece!!!
  • a few extra pounds (I think.)

I think I might return the last one, but I'll keep the rest!

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