Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Signs of Teen Years

Is it normal for me to be so shocked everytime I see those hairy man-legs hanging over the top of my son's bunk bed? When do you stop being surprised that his body is now one of a teenager, instead of the fat roly-poly body of the little boy I remember? And the attitude, what is that about? What happened to Mommy's good-natured, agreeable little buddy? Is there any way to stop the hormones?


Morgan said...

Unfortunately, no.

Not that I have a child turning into a teenager, but I work with MANY of them. There is just no reasoning with them until they realize that they don't know it all (which will probably be in college). Hang on. You can make it. One day he'll realize that Mom is cooler than he thought. Just be patient.

helen henry said...


Go with the flow and take time to pray...a lot! The happy boy will return at some point, just not sure when. But this too will pass. I survived three and so will you :-)

love, helen

helen said...

It will probably be after college that he realizes he does not know everything but even with that you can enjoy these years with your kids...they are a challenge but fun.