Monday, May 08, 2006

VERY Creative Writing!

Andrew was telling me about a story he was pretending today, so I asked him if we could write the story from it. He dictated it to me just as I have written it below. Read it and see if you can find the underlying theme!

The Knights and the Camp
By Andrew

When I was a little boy I lived with my parents in a good place near some woods. One day my parents came to me. They said,”Go out in the woods. There you will camp until all of us and all the other parents come to find you and bring you back to home. A king told all of his knights to come kill you.”

I brought this portable CD player. We brought horses. We brought knives just in case bears or snakes or other ferocious animals tried to hurt us. We killed them and roasted them over a fire. We also brought knives to kill the knights if they tried to kill us. Every single parent gave their kids a knife. We also brought our favorite beanie animals and backpacks with clothes and toys in them.

We packed up all of our stuff because we weren’t very far in the woods. We packed up and went farther into the woods. We camped, and after one night, our parents came to get us. The knights were knocked out and the parents bought knives to stab them just so they wouldn’t wake up. We still got to keep the knives.

This story was made up by Andrew.

Do you notice the theme? Kids really need to have knives! Because . . . everybody knows . . . you could face a dangerous knight or a ferocious animal who wants to kill you at any time! Incidentally, he also has a thing right now about getting a horse when he grows up. I noticed he slipped that into the story too!