Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Different Account?

Remember the recent camping trip that Josh went on? Remember how much he talked about it when he got home, leaving me thinking he actually enjoyed it? In a writing assignment this week, this is what he wrote:

Rain. We couldn't stand to hear the sound of it. Richard, Drew, their dad . . . Matt, and I were all in a car being pelted by rain and hail on our way to a camp . . . . When we got there, we pitched the troop gear, and then our personal gear. That night I had set up my tent and organized my backpack gear, when I realized my sleeping bag was soaked through with rain. That night was titled, "The Night of Agony," during which I used a bag of clothes as a pillow and a towel, small and skimpy, for a blanket. Breakfast the next morning was bacon and French toast. Afterwards we sat around, talked, and made fun of ***** until we all went canoing to a platform where some of the older scouts and adults were staying for the night. The rest of us canoed back. Later we canoed in different directions a little ways. When we got back to camp we made and scoffed several grilled cheese sandwiches. A little while later the cooks of our patrol burnt our chicken. I slept much better that night because Mr. Evans . . . loaned me a small sleeping bag. The next morning e made and ate breakfast before coming back to the bare necessities: food, beds, water, and air conditioning. I still don't know how I survived.

Is this the same trip I heard about? Does my son have split personalities? Hmmmm . . . maybe I need to assign some other writing assignments.

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