Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stephen's Lost His Stutter

As a mom I have worried over so many things. Last year about this time, I worried about Stephen's stuttering problem. It was an unusual stutter. Instead of being at the beginning of words, he would repeat a word or two at the end of sentences. I wasn't exactly worried. My feeling was that his highly intelligent little brain was just working faster than his mouth. He just couldn't keep up! But I was receiving some outside pressure to inquire whether something might be wrong. So I made a few calls, and was told that it might be nothing and I could give it another year. Well, here we are a year later, and Stephen's stutter is gone. I wonder when he last did it. Seems like I can't even remember now the last time I heard it. There are so many other things I have worried about. But like Stephen's stutter, most of them are now gone. Andrew knows his alphabet now. Josh does chores mostly without complaining. I guess Stephen will eventually quit reversing letters. I suppose it is true that if we just give our children time to grow and mature at their own pace, most things correct themselves in time.

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