Thursday, January 04, 2007

That's Not What I Said

Today in the car the boys asked where we were going next. I said, "Home to get the baby corral out for [a friend borrowing it]." (The baby corral is an eight piece fence that I use instead of a playpen. I love it!)

AJ said, "Golden Corral! I love that place!" Ummm . . . no . . . we're NOT eating out!

So then I explained to them that I was talking about the baby corral. Within minutes I heard AJ and Stephen chattering.

"Yeah! And it would serve only mashed up foods--banana yogurt, and squashed carrots, and that stuff . . . "
". . . .And it would have baby pizza--crackers with soft stuff on top of it . . . "
". . . Oh! And the drink bar would only serve milk, apple juice, water, and formula!"
"And there would be stroller parking . . . "
". . . and high chairs at every table!"

Know what they were talking about? That new sit-down buffet food chain: "Baby Corral"


Donna said...

Too Cute!

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