Friday, January 05, 2007

Don't Try to Please Me . . . Please!

It's 3am and I can't sleep. I hate nights like this. I have spent the last hour or so "surfing" Walmart's music downloads. This is the order of what I looked at and listened to:

  1. David and the Giants (Rats! NOBODY remembers them anymore!)

  2. Randy Travis

  3. George Strait

  4. Kenny Chesney (don't particularly like this guy, just wanted to see if I knew any of his songs)

  5. Rascal Flatts

  6. Tim McGraw

  7. Garth Brooks

  8. Harry Connick, Jr.

  9. Bobby Darrin

  10. Dean Martin

  11. The Sound of Music (They actually have TWO movie soundtracks to choose from!)

  12. Oklahoma (Is that REALLY Wolverine [Hugh Jackman] singing "Surrey with the Fringe on Top?")

  13. Carousel (Doesn't ANYBODY remember Shirley Jones and Gordon McRae???)

  14. Yul Brenner (Gosh! Don't these guys do any other roles? I only found the original Broadway Cast, but I was looking for the movie.)

  15. South Pacific (at least some movie soundtracks still make it in there!)

  16. Topol (for Fidder on the Roof, but I only found the original London cast, and even then only one song. I want the movie soundtrack!)

  17. Camelot (but I got mad 'cause they only had one, and IT wasn't the movie soundtrack either!)

  18. Rogers and Hammerstein

  19. Gershwin show tunes

  20. The Mamas and the Papas

  21. Sonny and Cher

  22. The Carpenters

Throw in a little Reggae, some Heavy Metal, and some Bach or Beethoven and I'd be "well-rounded!" Incidently, the boys and I had some free downloads, which we used a couple days ago on lots of Christian music, so that's why I was exploring other . . . errr . . . interests, tonight.

I'm not sure which is weirder: the odd list of music, or the fact that I was doing this at three in the morning!


EvaB and VickiMac said...

Ha-Ha! The next time you are up at three am you really have to check out It is my favorite thing to play with right now!And it is free!!!!

Midnight-Angel said...

Yes Hugh Jackman did sing Surrey With A Fringe On The Top and I was very lucky and saw the London Production of the musical and he was awesome

Midnight-Angel said...

Yes I remember Shirly Jones and Gordon MacCrea and they were good but Hugh and Josaphina Gabriella were fantastic and Hugh dances so well.

Lisa said...

Angel: Actually I was a little punchy the night I wrote this and forgot to say that I have actually seen Jackman in the London production. Sadly, I didn't see it live (Lucky you!), instead it was taped and I accidently rented it from Blockbuster and saw it. You are right, it was fantastic--so creative with the staging. And yes, Jackman does dance remarkably well, and sings even better!

My interest in the movie is very sentimental, since it was the first musical I ever saw, and I sang and danced all the parts as a dreamy teen.