Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why We Love Summer!

We love summer because we can do more of the things we enjoy.

Josh has spent the summer rereading his favorite Redwall books. I think he will finish the whole series again before I even finish the one book we've been reading together!

Stephen spends some time reading too, but his favorite thing is to listen to "Adventures in Odyssey" on his new boom box. How do you listen and look at a book at the same time?

This weekend, Stephen and Andrew made airplanes out of cardboard boxes. It has been a very creative weekend for us! Andrew was putting the finishing touches on his tonight--hard to do when you're right handed and have to color with your left!

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Morgan said...

How is AJ doing now? Is he still pretty fascinated with having a cast? I miss you guys like crazy and hope to see you soon.