Monday, June 12, 2006

Ahhhh . . . Relaxing Summer! HA!

Funny, I remember summer being something where the pace slowed and I finally had time to work on lots of little projects, as well as sleep late. Not this year. Between my trip to the state homeschool convention, sending one boy to Cub Scout Day Camp, two to Bible camp downstate, and beginning to work on getting my house in order, I'm beat. And of course we have VBS this week.

The biggest change for me has been a marked improvement in my health. For the first time in over a year, I'm feeling like "myself" again. I'm not really sure who I felt like before, but I am certain it wasn't me. I didn't realize it until last week when I finally managed to overcome the mountains of papers in my bedroom, and began once again working out each day. The regular excercise has given me amazing energy, and within a few days I began feeling great! Best of all, I am spending lots of time most days with God. This has given me new perspective in the direction He is taking me. Not that I've actually figured out what direction we're going, but I'm again staying focused on letting Him know even if I don't.

Fortunately next week we finally get to have "summer." The boys and I are going to do nothing but sleep late, work on projects, and maybe watch a few movies. Hmmm . . .I wonder if I'll be ready to get back to school this year with the crazy summer we've had?

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