Sunday, November 13, 2005

Once Again Wondering Why . . .

  • Why does my five-year-old know more about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings than George Lucas or JRR Tolkein?

  • Why do I have to say again, "No we cannot take light sabers to church!"

  • Why do I have to go to another neighbors house to beg for an arrow, football, baseball or clothing item shot over thier fence?

  • Why does my eleven-year-old roll his eyes when I talk to him?

  • Why do I see him roll his eyes even when he doesn't exactly roll them?

  • Why is my eight-year-old wearing two different socks (not similar ones-a red and a black one!) to church!

  • Why do they think they can go outside and play in the morning before church? (Remember the "Do not play in the dirt" comment from yesterday?)

  • Why do they tease the dog and then get upset when she snaps at them?

  • Why does everyone want to sleep in my bed?

  • Why do I love them so much in spite of all these things?

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