Friday, November 11, 2005

No Schedule for Me, Thanks!

I am not very disciplined with a schedule. I don't really like them, and since no one in my house is going to take the initiative to stick to one, my rebellious nature usually wins and we follow the newly designed schedule about a week and a half, then pitch it in favor for flying by the seat of our pants. One of the good things about keeping other kids this year has been that we have been forced to do certain things by certain times. So this is our general routine. (Notice I didn't say schedule. I can handle a routine, but please don't put me on a schedule!)

  • 8:00am Wake the boys up with tickling which turns into wrestling. Josh is always the last one out of bed since he didn't go to bed the night before until really late.

  • 9:00am Start school work--hopefully! The boys have already gotten their breakfast and done some morning chores.

  • 12:00pm Stop work to frantically run out the door to pick up the little girl we keep from school. We listen to a book on tape in the car. Right now we are listening to A Wrinkle in Time. Josh and I are really hooked, so I am looking for ways to stretch out our time in the car!

  • As soon as we get home, we have lunch and the boys jump on the trampoline or play outside with the dog.

  • 1:00pm Finish up reading or schoolwork, read aloud, work on history or science together. This is our favorite school time of the day.

  • 3:00pm Pick up the boys we have in the afternoon from school. Now the fun really begins. I look over homework, and check to make sure all of our schoolwork is done. Once everyone is finished with work, the kids all play--lately outside. I work on projects inside, or usually just on getting the house back in shape from the morning.

  • 5:30pm Kids are picked up, dinner is made, baths taken and our evening chores begin.

  • 7:00pm Clean up dinner, finish any housework or evening routine chores, then we decide what to do for the evening. Wednesday is usually a movie.

  • 9:00pm Redwall time! We are working our way through our favorite series of read aloud books. AJ always falls asleep during this time.

  • 9:30pm or so the boys go to bed and I finish up any chores or school planning I have to do. At 10:30pm I talk on the phone, catch up on blogs, or study and read.

  • I would like to say that I am in bed by 11:00pm, but that would be a lie. I wish I wasn't so much a night owl, but I am. Of course, I pack a lot more into the day than appears here. So far this works for us, and we are managing to keep it together. I sure love being home with my boys!

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