Friday, January 02, 2009

New Reading Challenge

OK, having just shared my loathing for goals (because I so seldom seem to achieve them), I will say I rather enjoyed the reading challenge this year. Maybe because I thought of it as a challenge instead of a goal, or maybe because I liked crossing things off my list and seeing progress, even if I didn't read them all. So I'm forging ahead with the 999 Reading Challenge as I proposed it earlier: 9 fiction and 9 non-fiction in '09. I also liked that I could change my list (which I did frequently as new books caught my fancy!).

So for right now, here are the books I want to read (it's not complete yet, so I'll be adding to it later!):

Fahrenheit 451
House by Frank Peretti

The Ministry of Motherhood
The Mission of Motherhood
Age of Opportunity


Anonymous said...


As I was rearranging my missions bookshelves I came across a lot of books I need to reread. Then I happened to open your blog and saw that you have no missions books on your list.

Somewhere there needs to be time to read at least one book (preferrably an autobiography) on missions this year.

helen henry

Lisa said...

Helen, I totally agree! I also need to find something other than just mothering books! One of the things I want to stretch in the area of non-fiction is variety. Thanks for the reminder.