Sunday, August 31, 2008

On Being a Child of God

I often have a hard time trusting God with little things and things that I know are luxuries. It's hard sometimes not to view him as a harsh, demanding ruler who expects me to suck it up and keep marching. I live in a country where so much of what we have is excessive and indulgent, and so when things happen like my air conditioner going out, or having car trouble, I wonder why God would just provide it for me and not make me work myself to death to get it.

The thought struck me yesterday, again, of how God is much more of a Father to us. I provide food, clothes, a place to live, an education for my children because they need them. Their very survival depends upon them. But I LOVE to be able to buy them a coke, take them to a movie, buy them a toy, etc. I love the delight in their eyes over it, even when they aren't very grateful (although I prefer the gratitude). Sure, sometimes when the ask me for something like this I say no. Sometimes I already have a better plan, and sometimes I just know it's not the best thing for them right now. Sometimes I know they need to deal with no occasionally. But often (probably a bit more often than I should), I say yes. I love to say yes.

Why is it so hard for me to believe that God loves to say yes?

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