Saturday, May 31, 2008

Convention Encouragement

One thing I forgot to mention was a great blessing the Lord gave my friend and I at the convention last weekend. She was invited to have coffee with author Sally Clarkson, and she very graciously invited me to come along. I tried hard to think of those difficult questions I always have--the ones I just want someone to give me advice on, but none of them came to me. Instead, we just shared our stories, the things we find hard in daily life, and Sally encouraged this friend and I who share the reality of life being hard even though our challenges are different in many ways. I'm dying now to get into some of Sally's books, and maybe even to do her new video series "Seasons of a Mother's Heart." She has incredible wisdom to share, and great compassion for the difficulties and suffering that we experience in the fallen world.

Check out the intro to this series here:

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